Chef Juan Cooks Up Gourmet Magic On A Red School Bus ON WIFE SWAP


Chef Juan Montier has cooked in gourmet kitchens, in home kitchens, and even in a make shift kitchen in an upscale department store.

But he’s never been challenged to create a fully catered meal in a red school bus kitchen!

Chef was invited to join the cast of the national TV program Wife Swap playing himself in a cameo role as a personal chef.

About Wife Swap

This year, 2019, the Paramount Network rebooted the popular Wife Swap. The reality TV show literally ‘swaps wives’ of two families. The families chosen are as different as down-home food is to upscale food. The stories follow the day-to-day “new” lives of both wives and their families which are sometimes dramatic, sometimes snarky, but always entertaining.

Chef Juan’s Wife Swap Challenge

Melinda Muffley and Chef Juan

Melinda Muffley and Chef Juan

Melinda Chandler Muffley, the swap “upscale” wife, had an innovative idea. After seeing how the TV family lived with few luxuries on their renovated 350 square foot school bus, she decided they needed a little pampering.  

As an extra, extra special treat she asked Chef Juan to create an upscale, culinary experience for the McCormick family which included five children. Was Chef Juan up to this exciting cooking gig? He sure was and he rocked it!

“Cooking on the show for Wife Swap was an amazing experience. Cooking on a bus was an amazing challenge.” – Chef Juan Montier

For Chef Juan each meal he creates is uniquely personal. He began planning the Wife Swap meal with the intent of creating a full white table cloth experience complete with flowers, candles, and of course signature, delicious Chez Montier cuisine. Chef wanted his food to delight the family - especially the children.  

Chef welcomed the three older children when they wanted to help with prepping the food. His little sous chefs dove into the cooking with abandonment. Chef Juan especially enjoyed the impromptu teaching moments as he showed the kids how to chop and beautifully plate their work. The family enjoyed every single bite! As for Chef Juan --

“Nothing but empty plates came back. That is gratifying to me. That is what is special to me. They loved it and they ate it without pretense. And that is what it is all about.” – Chef Juan Montier

WS Dinner Menu.jpg

It was a thrill for Chef Juan to have his “…food front stage forward” on national TV. It made him very happy and proud. However, the most special part of the Wife Swap experience was –

“Nothing but empty plates came back. That is gratifying to me. That is what is special to me. They loved it and they ate it without pretense. And that is what it is all about.

I share food because it is part of my love language. Saying I love you, I care for you, I appreciate you. When empty plates come back, it means they appreciate me too!”  - Chef Juan Montier

Enjoy Chef Juan’s thoughts about his Wife Swap cameo role in this video interview.

Celebrate and Savor with Chez Montier


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