Chef Juan's Quick & Easy Carve Your Turkey!

It seems like no matter how many Thanksgiving meals you have prepared or how gorgeous that golden brown turkey looks when it comes out of the oven, many of us are intimidated by the task of carving the Thanksgiving turkey.


Chef Juan Montier assures us that it is all about technique! Check out this 31 second video where Chef Juan shares his turkey carving technique and you will have nothing more to fear from your turkey this Thanksgiving. 

For step-by-step instructions for the Chef Juan turkey carving technique, see Chef Juan’s instructions at the end of this blog post.

Chef Juan will be sharing more of his professional cooking and entertaining tips on his new culinary adventure, The Dinner Architect premiering on Wednesday, December 13th at 9:30PM on the Atlanta Interfaith Broadcasting Network (AIBTV).

If you are ready to up your own culinary techniques and confidence, as well as enjoy the fun of going behind the scenes with the irrepressible Chef Juan as he plans, prepares, and hosts a unique pop-up dinner, you won't want to miss The Dinner Architect!


During The Dinner Architect, Chef Juan, working alongside the Chez Montier team will be sharing insider cooking, decorating, and party planning hacks that pros rarely reveal, including:

  • How to use the Holy Trinity of herbs

  • How to know when meat is done without a meat thermometer

  • How to make an Armature (How many people even know what an armature is?)

  • How to make a pork belly into a masterpiece

The Dinner Architect premiers on Wednesday, December 13th at 9:30PM on AIB TV, Comcast 295 or AT&T U-Verse Channel 6. Other air dates for December are:

Wednesday, December 13th at 9:30PM

Thursday, December 14th at 10:30 AM

Saturday, December 16th at 12 noon

Wednesday, December 20th at 9:30PM

Thursday, December 21st at 10:30AM

Saturday, December 23rd at 12 Noon

Wednesday, December 27th at 9:30PM

Thursday, December 28th at 10:30AM

Saturday, December 30th at 12 Noon

So, we hope you have a wonderful, blessing filled Thanksgiving, stress-free turkey carving, and that you will enjoy The Dinner Architect on AIBTV!




·      Carefully cut through just the skin at the crest of the bird’s keel bone

·      Gently loosen the skin with your fingers.  Take your time and do not tear the skin.


·      Separate the skin from the meat all the way to the bottom of the breast and from front to back just above the leg.


·      Peel the skin back to reveal the entire breast

·      Slice down the keel bone until you reach the rib cage

·      Continue to slice following along the ribs

·      Cut under the breast perpendicular to the ribs

·      Cut along the wishbone to free the whole breast

·      Remove the breast


·      Place breast on cutting board and slice into half inch pieces

·      Insert a bamboo skewer through the center of each slice

·      Trim the excess skewer and return the breast to the bird

·      Gently bring up the skin flap to cover the breast and secure with toothpicks

·      Repeat Steps 1 - 4 for the second breast

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