Chef Juan Celebrates The Holidays and Family Traditions

As a young boy, in order to channel my unbridled energy and to keep me out of trouble, my mother had me cook with my Grand Aunt Prudence. She taught me to make what has become a beloved family tradition and a highlight of every holiday meal - her Potato Rolls! While I enjoyed eating Aunt Prudence’s rolls throughout my childhood, it was learning to actually bake those rolls that ignited my passion for cooking.

As she guided me in mixing, kneading and preparing the dough that would be baked into warm pillows of joy, and finished with a sweet cream glaze, the smell of yeast wafting up to my nose was intoxicating and I was hooked! 

I have proudly passed this tradition on to my own son Austin. Today, baking Aunt Prudence’s Potato Rolls together is a time when he willingly puts down his phone and we revel in the joy and blessing of connecting as father and son. 

It is with gratitude and love for my Aunt Prudence that I share this recipe for her Potato Rolls. I invite you to add this to your own family traditions.


May your holidays be filled with love, joy and gratitude for all those you hold dear! 

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